Air Abrasion | Dearborn MI

No drill, no worries, no vibration.

Depending on the clinical diagnosis Dr. Blazo will use either air abrasion or the Delight Laser. Air abrasion is state-of-the-art dental technology. Painless, conservative treatment of dental decay in its earliest stages! Most small and many medium size areas of dental decay can now, in most cases, be stabilized with no shots. There is no uncomfortable numb feeling, and no drills. The Air Abrasion “nozzle” never touches the tooth. Therefore, no vibration – and no pain! It means we can prepare teeth for restoration more comfortably. It also is great for teens when preparing their teeth for preventive resins and dental sealants.

Air abrasion works by using a concentrated stream of air, combined with microscopic particles of powder over the decayed area of the tooth. When the stream is activated, the decay literally is blown off the tooth. Many people don’t even realize anything has happened until it is over.

No anesthetic required. Drills use a steel cutting action to remove decay. It is difficult to control this action, at times. Air Abrasion, because of the fine “abrading” action of the powder, enables more control. Only the decay is removed, with little or no heat generated.

No discomforting noise: There is some sound, but only a swirling of the air particles as they gently abrade away the decay.

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