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Esthetic/Restorative Options

Our style of care gives you many reasons to smile! We make sure we understand your needs and concerns, and you understand our care recommendations before we begin treatment. Review all the exciting health restoring and appearance-enhancing options we provide. Then call or email us to schedule a confidential consultation.

An exciting new way to straighten your teeth without braces, this technology straightens your teeth with a series of clear, customized, removable aligners. The aligner is a thin piece of medical grade plastic that fits over teeth like a glove would fit on a hand. Hardly anyone can tell you’re going through treatment and because the aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you want during treatment.

How Can We Help You Restore Your Smile?

Dr. Blazo provides exceptional care to improve your oral health. Contact us for more information.

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Comprehensive Esthetic Makeovers

A smile makeover can be similar to complete rehabilitation; it can involve many of the same restorative and esthetic techniques. However, the patient has few if any significant health or tooth loss issues. Patients may have crowded, crooked or short teeth or spaces between many teeth. Congenital defects can mean that teeth were underdeveloped or disfigured in appearance. Tetracycline medicine could have darkened and stained an entire smile.

Because this is a makeover we are very conscious about how each tooth restoration will affect the other. Replacing the front six or eight might make the most sense from an obvious esthetic viewpoint – what most people will see when you smile – but only enhancing a few front teeth can mean those new teeth might be prone to break or chip or cause painful jaw tension.

Therefore, we might restoratively (and esthetically) enhance many other teeth in the mouth. Since quality and long-term patient satisfaction is our trademark, it is difficult to proceed unless the patient approves a comprehensive makeover when warranted. Not every patient needs a makeover but we want to make sure each patient gets the care they deserve.

Complete Smile Rejuvenation

There are many reasons why one might need a full dental reconstruction. For many people, they have taken as good care of their mouths as they could. However, they leave a history of always needing dental care. Now they have a mouth full of restorations that have been done over many years and are no longer stable.

Periodontal disease destroys supporting bone, causing the imminent loss of teeth or recurrent decay on multiple crowns and bridges. Maybe occlusal (how the teeth come together) or bite problems have caused excessive wear on the natural teeth and has aggravated the TM jaw joint. An auto accident or other traumatic insult may be the cause.

All of these conditions could warrant a rehabilitation of the entire mouth. Properly diagnosed, planned and executed this type of dentistry has been able to return patients to a comfortable, functional, stable oral health. Of course, the patient will have a picture perfect smile, too.

We avoid stopgap measures in almost every case because we believe patients are best served by taking advantage of our comprehensive expertise first. If you are ready for a complete solution, you have come to the right place.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom designed, thin pieces of porcelain that are molecularly bonded to your natural teeth. They are used to restore chipped teeth, straighten smiles, transform stained teeth, and close gaps between teeth.

Veneers can be perfectly color matched to adjacent natural teeth and are very natural looking and strong. They can dramatically improve your smile. They are a long-term solution.

Smile Contouring • Bonding

Bonding resin is artistically applied layer-by-layer and fuses to your teeth and creates a strong and durable bond, almost like your natural enamel. Spaces in your smile can be eliminated and your teeth lengthened with this contouring material.

Dental bonding materials are available in natural shades and shades for those who want a bright white smile. Usually minimal removal of tooth structure is required. In as little as one visit you can have a wonderful new smile.

Porcelain Crowns

For a long-lasting, beautiful smile, porcelain crowns may be the answer. Using the CEREC 3 – one visit, computerized crown preparation – Dr. Blazo will perfectly mill the crown to the exacting specifications. CEREC is especially convenient for those people who are not in need of comprehensive reconstruction. If your overall oral health is good, and only need one to a few teeth restored, there is no need for doing impressions of your teeth or to wear temporary restorations while an outside lab crafts your restorations.

After the crown is prepared, Dr. Blazo permanently and healthfully bonds it in place. The color is perfectly matched to adjacent teeth. Even you will have trouble discerning which tooth has been restored.

Whitening for Life

If your perfect smile includes bright, white teeth, we have the professional methods to give you the smile you want. Teeth stained from foods, beverages, or tobacco use can be effectively whitened with our dentist-approved whitening system.
We will make a form-fitted whitening tray to hold the whitening agent that you wear at night or during the day at home. The results are amazingly bright and can transform a discolored smile in a couple of weeks.

White Fillings

In the past, when an old filling wore out, or decay was discovered beneath it, your only option was to get another metal filling. This often meant further damage to the natural tooth to place an even larger filling. Composite bonding material works at the molecular level. “Silver fillings” are a blunt, unforgiving material that expands and contracts, which often causes teeth to crack, split and break.

Composite bonding can replace dark silver fillings and make your teeth look natural once again.

Dental Implants • Dental Implant Restoration

Many patients have been fitted with dentures due to the loss of a tooth, many or all teeth. Dental implants can eliminate uncomfortable full or partial dentures and give you a confident smile that you have always wanted. They feel natural, look natural, and are as easy to take care of as your own teeth.

This two-step process involves placing the “post” of the dental implant in the jawbone. Temporary restorations are put in place at this point so no one knows you are getting dental treatment. After the implant is secure, we will create a crown or bridge that is fitted to the implant post. You are then able to smile with confidence again, knowing you look your very best. Eat, chew, and experience life as you would with a natural smile.

Esthetic Gum Contouring

The perfect gum line — changing a gummy smile can change your outlook. Your gum tissue can make your teeth look short. Gum tissue can cover more of your smile than is necessary to protect it. Gum tissue contouring can solve these smile inconsistencies.

Gum contouring can also fill gaps in your gum line that can cause your teeth to look too long. It is also performed during other more complex smile cases where dental implants and bridges are used, or when oral trauma has occurred.

Ceramic Onlays

Years ago, when people went to the dentist to get a cavity repaired they were left with dark, ugly, metal (silver) fillings. Ceramic onlays eliminate the unsightly metal fillings that most dentists used in the past. The porcelain will brighten a smile immensely. They also help to conserve and preserve your natural teeth, achieving optimum health. Patients will regain their self-confidence, knowing those dark fillings will no longer shadow their smile.

Dentistry for Children

Gentle, Friendly, Effective Dental Care For Children

Achieving the best for the children in our care is the goal. We want your child to feel comfortable and right at home. We’ll make sure they receive the latest and finest dentistry available. But most of all, we strive to provide a level of care that encourages lifelong health.

If your child arrives without anxiety and leaves feeling respected, they are more likely to continue their dental care at home. We want to help your child keep their smile for a lifetime.

  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Protective Sealants
  • Regular Hygiene (Cleaning) Visits
  • Conservative, Tooth-Preserving “Invisible” Resin Fillings

Comprehensive Preventive Care

Dental Care For Adults and Children

Keeping your teeth together for life is our primary goal. Since poor gum health is the leading cause of tooth loss, we have taken extensive training in the most advanced, non-surgical treatment approaches for periodontal disease.

If tooth loss has already occurred, we offer you the newest techniques in tooth restoration, including permanent implants, to prevent bone loss. Learn more about keeping your teeth for life by clicking a link.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease is an inflammation or infection of the gums and bone that supports the teeth. The bacteria in plaque, the sticky, nearly clear colorless film that constantly forms on your teeth, cause periodontal disease. While seldom painful and frequently free of any obvious signs or symptoms, periodontal disease can progress, undetected, to the point where supporting bone is destroyed.

With 80% to 90% of all teenagers having some form of gingivitis (inflamed gums) and 75% of adult tooth loss for people over the age of 35 due to periodontal disease, early treatment and prevention is essential. While periodontal disease is caused by plaque, a number of other factors including poorly fitting bridges, badly aligned teeth and defective fillings contribute to the development of this condition.

Periodontal Disease Warning Signs and Symptoms

  • Gums bleed during brushing or flossing
  • Changes in the way your teeth fit together when you bite
  • Loosened or shifted teeth
  • Pus coming from between your teeth and gums
  • Red, puffy gums
  • Gums tenderness or pain
  • Teeth look longer because your gums have receded
  • Gums that have separated from your teeth
  • Persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth

Stages of Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Healthy gingival (gum tissue) and bone anchor the teeth firmly in place.

Gingivitis develops as toxins in plaque irritate the gums, making them red, tender, swollen and likely to bleed easily.

Periodontitis occurs when toxins destroy the tissues that anchor the teeth in the bone. Gums become detached from the teeth, forming pockets that fill with more plaque. Teeth roots are exposed to plaque and become susceptible to decay and sensitivity to cold and touch.

Advanced Periodontitis is present when the teeth lose more attachment because the supporting bone is destroyed. Unless treated, the affected teeth frequently become loose and may fall out or require removal by a dentist.

Periodontal Treatment

Once your condition has been diagnosed and documented, Dr. Blazo will discuss your treatment plan with you in detail. A series of appointments are scheduled to properly gain control and reverse the existing condition.

We will also provide self-treatment instructions, which are vital for recovery. If necessary, we will team up with the areas best periodontist for the treatment of patients with severe symptoms.

Customized Dental Care

The focus of ’s training is to create lasting, lifelike, rejuvenating results. This requires that he pursue over a hundred hours of continuing education each year. In addition, he “plans” for long-term success, which includes detailed evaluation of your oral health, function and esthetics. He also listens closely to your concerns, hopes and dreams.

Relieving pain and “fixing” teeth is where traditional care begins and ends. ’s customized care goes beyond the basics to consider the interaction of dental materials, smile design and health and how these elements contribute to smile longevity and overall well-being. His comprehensive approach gives his patients the options they have not had before. By developing a “Customized Plan” for each patient’s smile, he can use the latest techniques and treatments to create the smile you want.

What you can expect from ’s Customized Care:

Conserving teeth – less drilling

Superior function – not tooth by tooth but full mouth care

Long-term health – periodontal disease management – regular checkups

Natural beauty – artistic techniques that do not sacrifice health for beauty

State of the Art Technology: Convenient, Safe, Comfortable

The technology we use will make your care more comfortable, precise, convenient, and exciting. Click on a link to learn more and then call or email to schedule a confidential smile consultation. Worry-free care is our promise to you.

Diagnodent – Advanced Disease Detection

The DIAGNOdent laser can detect tiny cavities without using x-rays. In the past, small cavities would have been undetectable until they had caused considerable damage.

With the DIAGNOdent laser, they are identified with greater precision and clarity. It works by processing the reflection of light wavelengths, which are beamed back to a small handheld device that identifies where cavities may be hiding.

Digital X-ray

The newest method of x-raying your teeth drastically reduces radiation by 80-90% compared to the old method. After the x-rays are taken, they are presented almost immediately on a computer screen in front of you. You no longer have to wait until the film is developed to see what is going on in and around your mouth. This reduces the time you spend in the exam chair.

The images are much clearer and easier to interpret, especially from a patient’s standpoint, than the previous way of x-raying your teeth. Looking at the x-rays on the screen gives you detailed information about your oral health.

CEREC 3 – One-visit crown creation

This is a high-tech “ceramic laboratory” that’s right in our practice. With the CEREC 3 we can create and place your esthetic restorations in a single session without the need for a second visit. Using CEREC we no longer need to take wet, clay-like impressions. Plus temporary tooth replacements, required when using an outside lab, are no longer needed.

The CEREC 3 uses metal-free ceramic materials that won’t discolor your smile. This material is compatible with gum tissue and is plaque-resistant. The type of esthetics we can achieve is impressive. However, it’s also healthier because he can be more precise than metal-based restorations and save more of the healthy tooth. The CEREC 3 develops restorations that replace “silver” fillings, gold crowns and other obsolete dental materials, and craft beautiful porcelain veneers to transform your smile.

The CEREC 3 uses Computer-Aided Design technology to form the ceramic/porcelain restoration. You watch this process in complete comfort as the computer-aided milling machine completes the restoration in about an hour. A block of ceramic material is placed in this high-tech, diamond-tipped, milling machine until it is precisely fashioned. Then the esthetic, youthful restoration is bonded to your tooth. Bonding creates a strong, stable, and more naturally responding tooth. The CEREC 3 helps us attain greater value for you.

D Diagnostic Model – see life-size blueprint of your smile before treatment

Our doctors can create a life-size model of your rejuvenated smile by making an impression of your current smile. This impression is used to create a wax-up model of “your new smile” in functional and visual detail. You will see in detail how our recommended restorations will enhance your smile.

This process also helps to identify all the issues in involved in creating a long-lasting smile design. It is a three-dimensional blueprint for the smile you want and deserve.

Bite Articulator

This technology has helped us better determine how teeth should be restored. Years of wear and decay can create significant bite and function problems. We use these “jaw simulators” with three-dimensional models of your restored smile to show you and us how the function and bite will be enhanced through the restorative treatments we have recommended.

Patients can develop painful joint concerns and chipping and cracking problems when teeth are mismatched. Without creating equilibrium or ‘evenness,’ smile restorations can be short-lived. Therefore, we take a whole-smile health view. Be assured that we will develop a comprehensive blueprint for your new smile.

Smile Imaging

Cosmetic imaging gives you a chance to see a vivid representation of your new smile before we begin treatment. Digital imaging creates a before and after the presentation of your new look.

It will show you what your smile can look like after teeth are straightened or whitened. It can digitally fill spaces where your teeth are missing or magically repair chips in your teeth without an examination.

Let us show you how much confidence a new smile can give you.

1-Hour Whitening (Rembrandt)

Amazingly white in one visit

Whitening only takes about an hour with our Rembrandt whitening system! It is possible to achieve an exceptionally white and bright smile within this short time span with this light activated system. You will be enjoying your new look after only one pleasant and exciting visit with our team.

Fast and safe teeth whitening

The procedure will not harm teeth or gums. This is supported by research studies at leading dental universities. With our training you can expect a high-level of results within one hour. The Rembrandt system does not require the use of a mouth tray. Rather than having to wear a mouth tray night after night, see results immediately!

Feel more confident and smile more after experiencing this completely safe advanced technology. Maybe Rembrandt is the answer to your smile concerns.

Water Purification

Water is the resource of life. Unfortunately, it can also be a source of disease and harmful chemicals — but not at our office.

You should be assured of the water purity at your dentist’s office. Dr. Blazo have installed a water purification system. The water you will rinse with will be triple filtered and runs through a UV filter, having no bacteria and no chemicals, just pure water.

Air Abrasion

No drill, no worries, no vibration

Depending on the clinical diagnosis Dr. Blazo will use either Air Abrasion or the DElight laser. Air Abrasion is ‘state-of-the-art’ dental technology. Painless, conservative treatment of dental decay in its earliest stages! Most small and many medium size areas of dental decay can now, in most cases, be stabilized with no shots. There is no uncomfortable numb feeling, and no drills.

The Air Abrasion ‘nozzle’ never touches the tooth. Therefore, no vibration – and no pain! It means we can prepare teeth for restoration more comfortably. It also is great for teens when preparing their teeth for preventive resins and sealants.

Air Abrasion works by using a concentrated stream of air, combined with microscopic particles of powder over the decayed area of the tooth. When the stream is activated, the decay literally is blown off the tooth. Many people don’t even realize anything has happened until it is over.

No anesthetic required: Drills use a steel cutting action to remove decay. It is difficult to control this action, at times. Air Abrasion, because of the fine ‘abrading’ action of the powder, enables more control. Only the decay is removed, with little or no heat generated.

No discomforting noise: There is some sound, but only a ‘swirling’ of the air particles as they gently abrade away the decay.

Intra-Oral Camera

When we tell you a filling is cracked, you have a cavity in a tooth or a tooth needs to be restored, you might want to know more about this diagnosis. With the intraoral camera, you can see exactly what our doctors see. The image is projected on a computer screen and magnified up to 400%.

See what we see, and feel more confident with our recommendations and your decision. The dentist can print a copy for you to take home, to help everyone concerned to understand the value of the proposed treatment.

Take the next step to restore your smile!

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